Why should you buy a second hand boiler?

When a boiler breakdown occurs, your daily routine can be severely disrupted, without hot water or heating. For families with young children, or older people, this can even be potentially dangerous. And if your boiler is then condemned, the situation becomes worse. One solution is to buy a second hand, refurbished or reconditioned boiler. But is this really a good option? And what are the advantages of buying a second hand boiler? Well, here at X-Met Metals, we buy and sell a wide range of second hand boiler parts, including refurbished combi boiler fans, and diverter valves. We even sell full second hand combi boiler too! And this is our guide to everything you should know about the benefits of a second hand boiler.

So, why should you buy a second hand boiler?

There are many benefits to purchasing a second hand boiler. These include:

  • Immediate solution- being stuck without a boiler isn’t great. And when your boiler needs replacing, you might not have the funds for a new one, and you might not want to wait so long for delivery. Buying a second hand boiler can resolve your issues immediately .
  • Cheaper price- one of the biggest advantages is the price. A second hand boiler is generally cheaper than a brand new one, so you can save money as well as time. Here at X-Met Metals we are sure to offer the very best prices for any second hand boiler.
  • Retrofit options- if you are considering a second hand boiler, but are concerned about meeting current standards and energy efficient standards, you should know that refurbished boilers can be retrofit to match your needs and requirements.

At X-Met Metals, you can sell your old boiler and boiler parts

If you do opt for a second hand boiler, why not get in touch with us, here at X-Met Metals? We will even buy your old boiler, and collect it from you, wherever you are. We pay great prices for all old combination boilers. But the best part is that we can collect from you, wherever you are. We travel across the North West, from Liverpool to Wigan, including Ormskirk, St Helens and Skelmersdale, as well as further afield. On arrival, we will weigh and pay for any spare boiler parts, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and any WEEE waste.