Public/Tradesmen/Companies Selling Non Ferrous and Ferous Your X-Met Metals Ltd


People have busy lives and weighing in there scrap can be a choir. So we decided to bring the scrap yard to you the customer. We work very flexible hours Monday-Sunday 7 days a week 7am-9pm offering a personal weigh in appointment.

So if you arrive home from work late one night and have a van full of scrap give us a call, text, email, facebook or twitter message and we can be at home waiting for you on your arrival. Saving you at least an hour in the morning going to the scrap yard to unload your van and save on fuel costs.

If you are working on a site we can be there during business hours to do any collections. We weigh and pay on the spot on our hi tech portable industrial calibrated scales.

We say try us just the once and see if it suits your life better than your current methods. Everybody who has given us a try as carried on using us, something we take pride in being able to say.


Metal Recycle Yards

If you are a Scrap Metal yard we also offer competitive rates to buy your non-ferrous metals in large bulk. If you have any metals that want recycling give us a call and one of our team would be happy to give you a quote on any materials you may have or send a price sheet over (we offer unbeatable rates specially on all cable grades).

Buying from X-Met Metals

We sell all our non-ferrous metals to numerous companies all over the UK and off shore who smelt the metals down to be recycled and processed back into new materials. If you would like to purchase our high quality graded non-ferrous metals please contact us via email or phone and we will be able to answer any queries.