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Here at X-Met Metals, we collect any ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as electronic waste,  and boilers, across Skelmersdale and the North West. In fact we are the North West’s number one mobile scrap metal merchants, offering a unique collection service across the area. For a professional, reliable service, get in touch today!


With our unique mobile scrap collection service, we can collect scrap from you, wherever you are, and whenever you need us. And with each of our vans kitted out with industrial standard scales, we can weigh your scrap on the spot too, and pay you for it. This means you never need to go to the scrapyard again. Instead, your scrap can be collected from your home or your workplace, whichever suits you.

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If you’d like more details about what we can offer, here at X-Met Metals, take a look at our video. And if you still have questions, just get in touch. We are here to help.

Well Established
We are always on the look out for businesses, companies and individuals to develop working relationships with, for our non-ferrous metal recycling business. Why not get in touch today?

Green in Mind
If staying eco-friendly is important to you or your company, our top quality scrap metal and recycling services could be just what you need. We can help to reduce fuel consumption, by travelling to you, and we can also you to recycle your scrap metal resposnibily.

We know how hectic life can be. That’s why our professional scrap metal collection service is designed to make life easier for you. By collecting your scrap metals and items from you, you can save fuel costs, and time that would be spent at the scrapyard. This means you can get on with running a business, or your day to day activities, without any hassle at all.

All you need to do is name a place, a time and a date, and we will simply arrive at your destination, wherever you are. With our industrial standard scales, we are prepared to weigh out your materials on the spot, and pay you. We have 3 different payment options available, including a cheque, BACS or a pre paid card. So you can choose the payment method that suits you. In fact, we are the first metal recycling company in England to offer the pre paid card payment method, on the road.

Here at X-Met Metals, We are proud to have been positively reviewed in ‘Skip Hire Magazine’, the largest waste magazine in the UK!

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While our time and effort is devoted to our mobile scrap metal collection service, we also have a recycling yard in Leigh. For a variety of reasons, business owners and individuals occasionally prefer to deposit at the scrapyard. And we are more than happy to meet this need.

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Boiler Recycling
Your old combination boiler could be worth more cash than you might think. And here at X-Met, we offer competitive prices for any combination boiler! And we also sell second hand boilers and boiler parts too. So don’t just throw your old boiler away, and miss out on a cash payment. Bring it to us for responsible recycling.

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If scrap metal and waste is a common issue for your company, we offer contracts to help. We can arrange regular collections, to help you recycle responsibly, while being paid for your waste.

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WEEE Waste
With so many regulations, electronic waste can be a challenge to dispose of safely and legally. That’s why, here at X-Met Metals, we buy your electronic waste, as well as non-ferrous and ferrous metals. So if your company often ends up with old computers, and broken electrical equipment, get in touch today!

We know how important high quality customer service is to our customers. That’s why we make it a top priority here at X-Met Metals. So when we collect your scrap, we will also help you sort your materials, to get the best possible price. We will also keep you informed of the grades and value of the materials, and make sure you are fully satisfied. In fact, if you’re not, we will give you all your metals and materials back, on the spot. Although this is not a situation that has happened to date! This is not something any other scrapyard will offer. We are the leading mobile scrap metal merchants across the North West, and Skelmersdale. And our service is built around collecting scrap waste from you, wherever you are.

This means that you wont be left wasting hours at a scrap yard, or paying the fuel to transport the waste. Thats a win/win in our book. Our professional, reliable collection service can even protect your company from a hefty fine. Taking large amounts of scrap metal to the scrap yard, without a waste carrier’s licence,  could result in a fine. So why not let us take care of the hassle for you? Here at X-Met Metals, our customers come first. So for mobile scrap metal collection across Skelmersdale, get in touch today.