We stock spare combi boiler parts!

Here at X-Met Metals, we can provide a wide range of spare parts for your combination boiler, as well as complete, second hand combination boilers too. We buy second hand combi boiler parts, and we also sell second hand or refurbished boiler parts across the North West, including Wigan, Frodsham, Manchester and Ormskirk.

What are the benefits of buying second hand combi boiler parts?

So, why should you opt for second hand boiler parts, and what kind of parts do we sell, here at X-Met Metals? Well, simply put, a refurbished part is going to cost a lot less than a new one. And with our skills and expertise, we can be sure that your spare part will work just as effectively as a new part, without any issues at all.

Which combi boiler parts can we provide?

We stock a range of second hand and refurbished boiler parts, including:

  • PCBs
  • Fans
  • Diverter valves
  • Heat exchangers

Second hand PCBs

The PCB is the printed circuit board. This is the heart of your boiler’s electronic components, and really its at the centre of everything your boiler can do. This includes controlling the air pressure and switching on the fan to direct waste gases out of the flue, as well as controlling temperatures and currents. The role of the PCB is to ensure that the boiler is working in a way that won’t cause damage to internal parts or cause a threat to people or property. When this breaks, your boiler will not function as expected, and it can be costly to replace. A second hand refurbished PCB could be a more economical option.

Refurbished combi boiler fans

The role of the fan is to direct waste gases into the flue and out of your home. If this breaks, your boiler wont turn on at all, as it wont communicate effectively with the PCB. You can save money with a second hand boiler fan.

Diverter Valves

A diverter valve in a combi boiler opens and closes to heat both hot water, and the water in the heating system, so that you can have central heating and hot water. If this breaks, you mind find that you have one or the other, or nothing at all. Replacing this with a refurbished part could save a lot of time and money.

Second hand Heat Exchangers

the heat exchanger in a combination boiler is responsible for heating the water, and also for cooling too, ready to be re-heated. This is an important component that can really improve the efficiency of your boiler. Here at X-Met Metals we stock a range of second hand heat exchangers, which could help you save money.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the team today, here at X-Met Metals.