Metal skip bins

We can drop off skips for companies to fill up with their metals and we can take them away either same day or when full. We can also leave other containers which are smaller to be filled and we will collect when full.

Waste Management (for companies)

If your organisation creates metal waste and you do not recycle it, you will be losing out on receiving a large return for doing very little. We can advise you and put into place processes and procedures so you can obtain the maximum return for your metal waste without you having to allocate time and resources, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

We provide a free service where we will spend time with you analysing your current processes, and we would recommend new ones to ensure you receive the maximum income for your scrap metals.  These processes would also ensure you have the correct paperwork in place to demonstrate that you are recycling your materials in line with the latest legislation.

We are proud to say that where we have worked in partnership with other organisations, they have all seen a great benefit with regards to obtaining extra income, and working in line with legislation.


If your organisation changes ten standard taps a day for a client, by simply instructing your operatives to retune these taps you would be receiving approximately and extra £6,000 a year.

If you feel this service would benefit you and your organisation, do not hesitate to contact us and we would be more than happy to organise a free no obligation meeting with you to advise how you could receive an income from your scrap metal.

Recycle Cars

We will buy any car working or not and recycle it to government standards. Call today for a price on any vehicle, all we need is a Registration and we will be able to give you a price over the phone.

Crane service for moving large metal objects

Some metal objects you may want to recycle are simply too heavy to move by hand or wagon, we can supply a mobile crane service to remove these items and load it on to an artic lorry.

Lorry services for collecting Large amounts of metal

If you have a lot of waste metals i.e several MT’s we can provide large lorrys to remove the waste for you.

Demolition/Factory clearances

If you need a reliable team to clear out an old factory or building please get in touch for more details.

Metal Grading

If you are unsure of the different grades and value of the metals you have, please give us a call where we will advise you accordingly, or we will arrange a visit to your site to grade the different metals for you free of charge.