Sell your old combi boiler fans to us!

When your combination boiler breaks down it can be a real nightmare. From waiting for a gas engineer to come and take a look, without heating or hot water, to being given the bad news about your boilers future, and paying out for a new one, it can be an all round challenge. But sometimes only pieces of your boiler will need replacing. Most commonly, this is the combination boiler fan. So why does this break? And what should you do with your old one? Well, here at X-Met Metals, we buy combi boiler fans. So you can make a little bit of cash back, to help pay for your repairs or new parts.

What is a combi boiler fan?

All combi boilers are fitted with a fan. This is not to cool down the internal components of your boiler, as that would be counterproductive. Instead, the role of the fan is to direct waste gases into the flue and out of your home. This is the first thing that will start up when your boiler is switched on, and the PCB needs to know that the fan is running, before it starts to heat anything. So, as you can see, either a fault or blockage restricting the fan, or a communication error between the fan and the PCB, will prevent your boiler from working as expected. But how can you tell this has happened?

Boilers and noise

One of the most common signs that your combi boiler is about to break down, or is suffering from a broken part, is when your boiler starts to make an unusual noise. Normally, boilers will gently hum, and maybe clang when they heat up, but when your boiler starts to make louder than usual buzzing or screeching noises, it’s time to call an engineer. And more often than not, this is caused by a broken fan that can no longer spin freely in position.

What should you do with a broken combi boiler fan?

If you have experienced these problems, and you need to replace your combi boiler fan, what should you do with the old one? Well, essentially you have a couple of options:

  • You could dispose of it- the simplest thing to do would be to dispose of your broken fan responsibly and legally. However, in landfill this could rust and create harmful chemicals that could pollute the air and the environment.
  • You could scrap it- you could opt to sell your combi boiler fan to us, here at X-Met Metals. We will buy your old fan so you could even make money on your scrap, instead of throwing it away. And if getting to a scrap yard will be an issue, you’re in luck. Here at X-Met Metals, we offer a unique collection service, so we will come to you, and collect and pay for your fan, wherever you are, and whenever is best for you.

For more information or advice about our unique scrap metal collection service, or if you want us to buy your combi boiler fan, get in touch with the team today, here at X-Met Metals. We cover the North West region, including Chorley, Frodsham, Manchester and Ormskirk.