WEEE waste collection for offices in Chorley

For any business, large or small, old electronic items, equipment and waste can become a problem. Whether you are redesigning your offices, shutting down completely, or upgrading your equipment, there can be a fairly sizable amount of WEEE waste generated. And with specific laws and obligations in place to ensure that this is disposed of correctly, it is important for your company to deal with this in a responsible manner. That’s why, here at X-Met Metals, we offer professional WEEE waste collection for offices and businesses. We can collect your WEEE waste from you, wherever you are across Chorley and the North West.

WEEE waste and the law

The European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive became European law in February 2003, and is also applied to UK businesses and individuals. This is a directive that aims to reduce the amount of WEEE waste that is sent to landfill, and reduce any hazardous chemical spills.

As part of this, there are strict regulations for producers of non-household WEEE to recover, reuse, recycle electrical goods in compliance with UK and EU legislation. This applies to the vast majority of businesses in the UK.

Why is WEE waste collection for offices important?

WEEE waste collection is an important consideration for any business or company, as this means that:

  • Your WEEE waste will be disposed of correctly- whether it will be recycled or reused, WEEE waste that is collected by us here at X-Met Metals is guaranteed to meet legal requirements for your business.
  • Your data will be safe and secure- if you are getting rid of servers, old laptops or desktop computers, or hard drives, removing all trace of data via software is almost impossible. Instead, the data needs to be removed professionally, to prevent anyone accessing the hardware directly. Here at X-Met Metals, we offer a professional data destruction service.
  • You can save money- with our collection service, you dont need to find the time to sort your WEEE waste or to deliver it to the scrapyard. Instead, you just need to arrange a time and location with us, and we will come and collect your WEEE waste from wherever you are.
  • We offer great prices- We don’t just collect your WEEE waste, we will also pay you for it too!

For professional, reliable, scrap metal solutions, get in touch with the team today, here at X-Met Metals.