How important is data destruction when recycling WEEE waste?

When it comes to destroying and recycling WEEE waste, there are a number of laws and legal requirements to consider. But you also need to consider the safety and security of your personal data. Even PC’s and laptops that have been wiped, can still store valuable information on the hard drive. This is why data destruction, with certification is so important. Here at X-Met Metals we are professional WEEE waste recycling experts. From UPS batteries and servers, to personal computers, we can collect a range of WEEE waste from any location across the North West, including Wigan,Bolton,  Leigh, Manchester and St Helens. Or you can opt to deliver your recyclables to our new scrap yard in Skelmersdale. We are the team you can count on to safely and securely destroy your data.

What is data destruction?

Data destruction is the process of removing all of the data from digital storage, including hard drives, and other forms of electronic media. This ensures that the information cannot be accessed or read, and that your personal security will not be compromised. When you hand over your electronic equipment for recycling, or dumping your old PC at the tip, you cant be sure that someone will not end up with your information and data. That’s why you need to work with a company like ours, here at X-Met. We provide full data destruction, and certification, to verify that your data has been fully wiped.

What does data destruction involve?

Data destruction can involve a number of processes, including:

  • factory resetting the machine
  • file shredding/data shredding
  • physical shredding, which involves shredding hard drives, smartphones, printers, laptops and other storage media into tiny pieces by large mechanical shredders
  • physically disrupting the magnetic fields on hard disk drives (HDDs) using degaussers

While there are some hard drives may need to be physically shredded, there is a high demand for these to be recycled. If you opt for data wiping, instead of physical destruction, it is imperative that you choose a company that can provide a certificate of destruction for your records, insurance records and the best protection of your data.

How important is data destruction when recycling WEEE waste?

So, just how important is it to destroy all of your data properly? Well, this is essential for your privacy and security. When you factory reset your computer, not all of the data is wiped from the hard drive. And this can be accessed by criminals with the right skills and equipment. So to keep your personal information, and financial information safe, you need to be sure of full data destruction.

For full, professional data destruction for your WEEE waste, get in touch with the team today, here at X-Met Metals.