Refurbished boiler parts Preston

When your boiler breaks down, repairing this as fast as possible is an essential consideration, especially in the winter months. But finding the right parts can be a real challenge, and you may often face a long wait to replace these. That’s why refurbished boiler parts can be a great option. And that’s what we can offer here at X-Met Metals. We can provide high quality second hand boiler parts, as well as complete, second hand combination boilers, across the North West, including Preston, Oldham,and Warrington.

What are the advantages associated with refurbished boiler parts?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to choosing refurbished boiler parts to replace broken or damaged parts in your combi boiler. These advantages including:

  • Saving time- As mentioned above, new boiler parts often have to be ordered in and this can cost more money, as well as taking up to a week or sometimes even longer to arrive. This leaves you with no heating or hot water for a longer period of time, and can be inconvenient. A refurbished boiler part can be much quicker to get hold of, especially from us here at X-Met Metals. All you need to do is fill in our online form.
  • Saving money- refurbished and second hand boiler parts tend to be cheaper than buying a whole new part. And its definitely cheaper than replacing your entire boiler. So if budget is an issue, a refurbished part can help you heat your home for less
  • Saving the environment- recycling is a hot topic, and this extends to boiler parts and scrap metals too. Choosing refurbished parts instead of new parts can help to lower your carbon footprint and reuse valuable materials that would otherwise be wasted.

We buy and sell second hand boiler parts

Here at X-Met Metals, we sell a large amount of various boiler parts suitable for a variety of combi boiler sizes and manufactures. But we are always on the look out to buy more. That’s why we offer excellent prices for any second hand combination boiler, or spare boiler parts. And we offer the added advantage of travelling to you, wherever you are, to weigh and pay for your scrap, including second hand combi boilers.

So, whether you’re looking to sell your old boiler, or buy second hand refurbished boiler parts, we are the team for you, here at X-Met Metals. Why not get in touch today?