We buy your NiMH batteries

Here at X-Met Metals, we collect a range of scrap metals, WEEE waste, and batteries from across the North West, including the Greater Manchester and Merseyside areas. From Oldham to Ormskirk, and Bury to Warrington, we are the expert team that you can count on for any scrap metal collection. As part of our high quality, professional service, we also collect and pay for NiMH batteries too, which sets us apart from the majority of other companies. But what are NiMH batteries, and why should you choose X-Met Metals to dispose of these?

What are NiMH batteries?

NiMH batteries are a specific type of recyclable battery. NiMH is an abbreviation for nickel metal hydride, and this type of battery is a popular option for a wide range of uses. The NiMH battery replaced older Ni–Cd batteries for portable consumer use, across the European Union as part of the battery directive.

What are NiMH batteries used for?

NiMH batteries have a variety of uses, including:

  • Consumer electronics- from flashlights to children’s toys, the NiMH battery is one of the most popular installed in small, portable consumer electronic devices.
  • Electric vehicles- all first generation electric vehicles used NiMH batteries, but now the vast majority of new models use lithium ion batteries instead, except for a small handful of hybrid vehicles.

As the technology becomes more outdated, the question about what to do with old NiMH batteries arises.

We buy your old NiMH batteries here at X-Met Metals

Here at X-Met Metals, we can offer great prices for your old NiMH batteries. While most companies will charge you for safe disposal of these batteries, or they will simply collect them from you for free, we can pay you instead. In fact, we offer a high quality, mobile scrap collection service, so wherever you are, across the North West, we can come to you and collect your old batteries, and pay you for them on the spot too.

In addition, if you regularly have a large amount of NiMH batteries, or other scrap batteries, we can arrange flexible, tailored contracts for regular collection, and payment.

So, if you have batteries that you are looking to cash in, why not get in touch today, with the team here at X-Met Metals. With our mobile collection service, we can come to you, wherever you are, and pay you for your batteries too.