Scrap titanium professional collection Blackburn

We are leading scrap metal merchants, across Blackburn and the North West, here at X-Met Metals. As a result, we collect and pay for all manner of metals. This includes titanium and titanium alloys. But why should you consider our mobile collection service for your old titanium?

What are the different types of titanium we can collect?

There are three different types of titanium, but the two we are interested in collecting include:

  • Titanium alloy- because titanium is less dense than steel, it is used with a variety of other metals to create strong alloys. These metals include aluminum, molybdenum, and iron. These types of alloy are durable and strong while still being incredibly light weight. A a result, they can be perfect for vehicles, bicycles and for use in the space and aircraft industries.
  • Titanium as a solid metal- titanium does not have to be used as an alloy though, as this can also be used as a solid metal itself for a range of purposes. And when it comes to recycling this solid titanium, this is often broken down into two categories, solid scrap and titanium scraps/shavings. The latter is usually as a result of manufacturing or factory processes.

Why choose our scrap titanium professional collection service?

There are a number of reasons to choose us, here at X-Met Metals, to have your scrap metals, including titanium, collected. These reasons include:

  • Great prices- when you choose us here at X-Met Metals, you can be sure of the best possible prices for your scrap, including titanium. In fact, we will even help you sort and grade your scrap before weighing this, so that you get the most money.
  • Professional collection service- wherever you are across Blackburn and the surrounding area, including Darwen, Rishton, and Great Harwood, we will come to you to collect your scrap. This includes scrap metals like titanium, as well as combi-boilers, batteries and WEEE waste. You can count on our team to be punctual, and we will meet you at a location that suits you. So whether you’re at home or work, we will come to you.

For professional scrap metal collection in Blackburn, get in touch with the team today, here at X-Met Metals.