Scrap stainless steel mobile collection service Bolton

stainless steel

As leading scrap metal merchants, here at X-Met Metals, we provide a professional, high quality scrap collection service across Bolton and the North West. And stainless steel is one of the metals we are interested in. But why should you consider recycling stainless steel? And why should you choose our scrap stainless steel mobile collection service in Bolton?

Why recycle stainless steel?

Stainless steel is an important and valuable metal. In fact, there are over 150 different grades of stainless steel! Of which, around 15 of these are used for common everyday items and objects, including cutlery, plates, coils, bars, sheets and tubing for use in industrial and domestic settings. And recycling stainless steel is an important consideration.

Because stainless steel is an alloy, there is a common misconception that this cannot be recycled. But this is not the case. In fact, stainless steel can be fully recycled, and the valuable raw materials like iron, chromium and nickel, can even be extracted for resuse.

So if you have scrap stainless steel, you should consider recycling this with a professional team like us here at X-Met Metals.

Why choose our scrap stainless steel mobile collection service?

There are a number of reasons to choose our team here at X-Met Metals to collect your scrap stainless steel. These include:

  • Professional collection service- we will arrive on time, to whichever destination or location you choose. So whether you are on a construction site, at work, or even at home, we can collect your scrap from you, there and then. We can even help you sort and grade your metal on the spot, for the best possible prices.
  • Hassle free- Our team will do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. And you also don’t have to spend time or fuel driving to a scrap yard! Just let our hassle free collection service come to you.
  • Great prices- we offer great prices for all types of scrap metal including stainless steel. Each of our vans are fitted with industrial scales, so we can weight and pay for your scrap metal on the spot too.

For more information about our mobile scrap metal collection service, get in touch with the North West’s leading stainless steel buyers today, here at X-Met Metals.