Lead recycling Preston


As the leading scrap metal merchants across the North West, here at X-Met Metals, we collect scrap metal from the entire area. Including Preston and LeighManchester and St Helens, as well as further afield. So we can collect any and all scrap metal from you, wherever you are. And we’ll weigh it and pay you for it on the spot. This includes any scrap lead. So why should you consider recycling your scrap lead? And what do you need to know about lead recycling in Preston?

Lead recycling is great for you and the environment

As a widely recycled material, lead is one of the top scrap metals to recycle. In fact, more lead is recycled annually, than the amount of new lead that is mined in the same year. This is because recycled lead is no different from newly-sourced metal. It retains its high quality, and is a metal that can often be reused without limits. This is great for the environment, as it cuts down on pollution and environmental damage caused by mining natural resources. And it’s also great news for you, because we always pay great prices for any scrap lead.

Identifying lead based products

identifying lead based products is easy and straight forward, as these can include:

  • car batteries
  • lead solder
  • radiation protection
  • weights

Lead acid car batteries

Car batteries are one of the most common sources of lead, and these actually make up 85% of the lead currently in use. And all of the lead used in car batteries can be recovered and recycled, without losing any quality. Here at X-Met Metals, we collect and pay great prices for any lead acid batteries, including car batteries. And we have the connections to enable these to be recycled properly.

Factors that influence the price of lead

There are a number of factors that can influence the price of lead, which does fluctuate day by day. These factors include:

  • locality
  • international trade
  • local demand

For more information about recycling your lead, or to arrange a convenient collection at a time and place that suits you, get in touch with the professionals today, here at X-Met Metals.