Professional recycling for used car parts

If your car is a write off, don’t just leave it to rust. Instead, you should consider selling it for scrap. Here at X-Met Metals, we are the North West’s leading mobile scrap collection team. And we collect, and pay, for all manner of car parts, from locations across the North West Region, including Bolton, Frodsham, Manchester and Ormskirk. But which car parts are we interested in? And why should you recycle your old car with us? Well, this is our guide to recycling used car parts.

Which car parts can we recycle?

Cars are made of a lot of different materials, including metals, plastics and rubber. Here at X-Met Metals, we specialize in scrap metals, including those from used and broken vehicles. The parts we collect will include:

  • catalytic converters
  • car battery
  • engines
  • scrap metal

Car battery

Car batteries are full of acid. But they are also made with metal. And this means that we can legally and responsibly scrap them here at X-Met Metals.

Catalytic converters

Catalytic converters are fitted in vehicles to control the emissions that escape from the exhaust pipe. This converts the emissions to less potent toxins, to try and reduce the carbon emissions and negative environmental impact. This is usually made from a combination of precious metals including platinum, palladium and rhodium. All of which can be recycled.


Here at X-Met Metals, we buy all manner of engines from a range of vehicles. In fact, we are the North West’s principal engine buyers. So if your engine has failed, you should seriously consider selling it to us. We can make sure that your old engine is legally and responsibly broken down or recycled, often being rebuilt or re-manufactured as a green engine, for a different vehicle. This cuts down on the mining for new materials, and also reduce the production of a lot of greenhouse gasses.

Scrap metal

Much of the external parts of your car will be made from metals. These metals can be sold to us, here at X-Met, where they will be broken down, and potentially used to create something else in the future. The scrap metal car parts often include:

  • Steel- Steel is used to create the frame of the car itself, and you can find steel in the doors, roof, bonnet and boot, as well as internally in the brakes and the engine.
  • Aluminium- Aluminium is also used frequently in car manufacturing, especially in the engine where it will withstand the very hot temperatures. It can also be found in the wheel trims, and the doors.
  • Copper- Copper wiring is often used for the cars electronics, and this can be stripped and then recycled to be used again.

For an easy and simple way to recycle your car parts, get in touch with the team, here at X-Met Metals. We can arrange a time convenient to you, to collect, weigh and pay for your scrap materials. So why not contact us today?