Copper recycling in Preston

Copper is one of the most popular metals worldwide, used in everything from electrics to plumbing. And if you have scrap copper, you should consider recycling this. In fact, currently the amount of copper being recycled annually, is equal to the amount of copper that is being mined. This is because it is incredibly valuable for a range of engineering applications. But why should you recycle copper? And what are the benefits? 

What are the advantages of copper recycling?

So, what are the biggest benefits of recycling copper? Well, there are several, including:

  • Reducing the waste in landfill
  • Copper holds it’s value
  • Better for the environment

Copper recycling reduces waste in landfill sites

Household waste is increasing year on year. As is commercial waste. This is filling up landfill sites across the country, and our waste is becoming a big problem. That’s why recycling all suitable items, from plastic to glass is a great idea. If more people recycle, the amount of waste being sent to landfill sites will be greatly reduced. Copper is a metal that can easily be recycled. So why not arrange for your copper to be collected from wherever you are. Whether you’re at home, or work, our mobile scrap metal service means that we can collect and weigh your materials, wherever you are.

Copper holds it’s value when recycled

Copper is one of the most worthwhile metals to recycle, with the cost of recycled copper staying steadily at around 90% of its original value. This means that your old copper wiring, or copper pipes, could be worth a whole lot of money! And as we can collect your copper, and pay you for it then and there, you don’t even have to spend money driving to the scrapyard! We can pay you using one of three methods:

  • cheque
  • BACS
  • or a pre paid card

You can simply choose the payment choice that suits you.

Recycling copper is better for the environment

Instead of fly-tipping your old copper, or putting it in landfill, recycling is a much better option for the environment. Not only does copper ruin soil and cause potential problems for the local wildlife, but the extraction and refinement of new copper is incredibly polluting. Toxins and chemicals are necessary waste products of the copper refining process, and this all leads to increased CO2 emissions. So, by recycling your old copper, you could be helping to save the environment.

Choose X-Met Metals for professional copper recycling in Preston

To organise collection of any scrap metals or copper you have, get in touch with the professionals today, here at X-Met Metals. We also take WEEE waste, combination boilers, catalytic converters and batteries too. We are the North West’s leading scrap metal merchants. We travel across the North West, from Preston to Blackburn, including Ormskirk, St Helens and Skelmersdale, as well as further afield. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about recycling copper.