Professional collection for scrap lead and lead acid batteries in Preston

If you have scrap ferrous or non-ferrous metal, like lead, you should consider professional recycling for this. Here at X-Met Metals we collect and recycle your lead, lead acid batteries and lead containing products. But what are the benefits of professional collection for scrap lead and lead acid batteries in Preston?

Recycling lead

Recycling lead is essential for sustainable environmental protection. This is because while this product is widely used in a variety of industries, the toxic nature of lead, and lead acid batteries, can present a significant environmental and health risk. As a result, it’s essential to choose a professional and reliable scrap metal team for the recycling of your scrap lead and lead based products, like us here at X-Met Metals. We can ensure that your lead is recycled in line with regulations and standards, to better protect the environment. 

Recycling lead acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries are one of the most common sources of lead recycling. These batteries are used to power vehicles, uninterruptible power supplies, and a wide range of industrial equipment. Unfortunately, when these batteries reach the end of their life cycle, they become potential hazards if not disposed of correctly. As a result, recycling lead-acid batteries is essential, as battery recycling not only prevents lead from entering landfills or contaminating water sources but also conserves valuable resources by recovering lead for new battery production.

Professional collection for scrap lead in Preston

As the leading scrap metal merchants across the North West, here at X-Met Metals, we collect scrap metal from the entire area. Including Preston and Leigh, Manchester and St Helens, as well as further afield. So we can collect any and all scrap metal from you, wherever you are. And we’ll weigh it and pay you for it on the spot. This includes any scrap lead and lead acid batteries. Why not get in touch today for more information?