WEEE waste recycling St Helens

Recycling WEEE waste is something that is often overlooked. And as a result, many homes and properties tend to have a cupboard or box full of old WEEE waste that they aren’t sure what to do with. But it has never been easier to safely recycle your old electronics. Especially with our collection service here at X-Met Metals. In fact, as the North West’s leading scrap metal merchants, we can collect a range of ferrous and non ferrous waste, as well as boilers and electronic waste. From Wigan to Bolton,  Leigh, Manchester and St Helens, we can arrange to collect any of these waste metals and items from you. Or you can opt to deliver your recyclables to our scrap yard in St Helens. But what do you need to know about WEEE waste recycling?

What type of WEEE waste can be recycled?

Here at X-Met Metals, we can collect and recycle a range of electronic items for responsible recycling. These items include:

  • PCB’s
  • Hard Drives
  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • PC Monitors
  • PC Towers
  • Plugs and Cables
  • Looms
  • Lead Acid Batteries

So whether it’s just your household electronic waste, or commercial waste with a number of different machines and a whole lot of cables, we can collect from wherever you are.

Advantages of WEEE waste recycling

Recycling your WEEE waste brings a whole range of advantages and benefits, these include:

  • Protecting the environment- from precious metals used for chip boards and PCB’s, to copper wires and even plastics, electronic equipment is made from a large number of natural materials, that can be costly to mine and extract. By recycling your old equipment, you can help reduce the demand for new materials. Recycled metals in particular can be reused and recycled multiple times without losing quality.
  • Financial benefits- we will weigh and pay you for any electronic WEEE waste you bring to the scrap yard, or that we collect from you. so instead of letting your old electricals gather dust, you could dust them off and cash them in.

Advantages of WEEE Waste collection

So why should you think about having your WEEE Waste collected? And what are the benefits for your company? Well, there are a number of different  advantages of WEEE Waste collection, including:

  • Flexible collection when it suits you- don’t wait around at a scrapyard, simply give us a call here at X-Met metals, for easy collection, whenever is best for you, wherever you are.
  • Responsible waste management- scrap WEEE waste collection is a much better option than disposing of your old electrical equipment irresponsibly in landfill or fly-tipping. And you can get paid for your unwanted items too.

For more information get in touch with the leading scrap metal merchants in St Helens, X-Met Metals, today!