Scrap copper collection in St Helens

If you have a lot of industrial scrap copper, or just a small amount from a single refurbishment project, why not get in touch with us today, here at X-Met Metals? We are the North West’s leading scrap metal merchants, and we travel across the North West, from St Helens to Blackburn, including Ormskirk, Liverpool and Skelmersdale, as well as further afield.From scrap metal, to WEEE waste, we will weigh and pay fro your scrap on the spot, wherever you are. But why should you recycle your copper? And why should you choose us for professional scrap copper collection in St Helens?

Why should you choose X-Met Metals for scrap copper collection in St Helens?

Here at X-Met Metals we provide a professional scrap metal collection service for St Helens and the surrounding areas. We can offer:

  • High prices- we always pay high prices for copper and other types of scrap metal, which has to be a bonus in comparison to taking your scrap metal to the tip, or leaving it to rust in the garage. Our vans are fitted with industrial scales to weigh your metals and we can even pay you on the spot too. As copper is one of the most worthwhile metals to recycle, with the cost of recycled copper staying steadily at around 90% of its original value, you can be sure we wont be beaten on price.
  • We travel to you- wherever you are across Liverpool, we will travel to you. From work or your home address we can come to you to collect, saving you time and fuel money.
  • Protect the environment- copper can be recycled and reused without losing its properties. And this means that by recycling your old copper you can increase the amount of available copper in industry and manufacturing, reducing the need for further mining and environmental damage.

To organise collection of any scrap metals or copper you have, get in touch with the professionals today, here at X-Met Metals. We also take WEEE waster, combination boilers, catalystic converters and batteries too.