Important information for recycling car batteries

Here at X-Met Metals, we will come to you, wherever you are, and collect a range of scrap including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, old combination boilers and WEEE waste. This includes scrap metal and parts from cars and vehicles too. And thanks to high demand, we can also recycle your old car batteries, and other lead acid batteries, safely and professionally. Not only is this great for the environment, but we also pay you for your scrap metal too. We operate across the North West, including WiganBlackburnChorleyManchester and Liverpool, and everywhere in between, to deliver a high quality mobile scrap metal collection service. This includes collecting and paying for car batteries. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about recycling car batteries.

Important information for recycling car batteries

All batteries work by converting stored chemical energy into usable electrical energy. But when you car battery reaches the end of its life, these chemicals do not go away. Instead they hold onto a potentially lethal cocktail of chemicals, until these eat through the outer casing and leak into the environment. But with concerted legal and regulatory effort to recycle batteries and use their component resources wisely, it has become easier, and more important to recycle your car battery appropriately. So what should you know about recycling your car battery? Well, some of the most important information includes:

  • legal considerations
  • practical considerations

Legal requirements for car battery disposal

The EU Batteries Directive was passed in 2006, and came active in UK law in 2010, with a set of strict regulations, governing consumer and producer obligations for handling car batteries. For consumers, this law placed a blanket ban on disposing of car batteries through landfill or incineration. Making recycling more important than ever. It also places the responsibility for old car batteries in the hands of the owner, who must be sure that these are collected and handled by approved treatment facilities.

Practical considerations for car battery recycling

With stringent laws in place governing the recycling of car batteries, it can be overwhelming for any consumer. But here at X-Met Metals, we make things simple. We will:

  • Offer the best possible prices- you can be sure that cashing in your old car battery with us will be worthwhile, as we offer the best possible prices.
  • Collection service- if you cant make it to our new scrap yard in Skelmersdale, dont worry. We will come to you. We travel across the North West, with professional scales fitted into the back of our industrial van, to weigh and pay for your scrap on the spot.

For professional, reliable, scrap metal solutions, get in touch with the team today, here at X-Met Metals