Scrap brass collection and recycling Preston

Here at X-Met Metals, we are the leading scrap metal merchants across the North West. In fact, we work across Preston and LeighManchester and St Helens, as well as further afield, to provide a professional mobile scrap metal collection service. So wherever you are, we can collect the scrap waste from you, and weigh it and pay you for it at the same time. This saves you time and money. One of the scrap metals we are always interested in is brass. This is an incredibly valuable metal, that can be recycled and reused without losing any quality. So why should you choose us for scrap brass collection and recycling in Preston?

Which items are made of brass?

A strong, resistant and malleable alloy, that is also highly conductive, brass is used for a variety of household and everyday items including:

  • light switches and fittings
  • letter boxes
  • door handles
  • door locks
  • coat hooks

What are the benefits of brass recycling

There are several advantages to recycling scrap brass, including:

  • Simplifying the manufacturing processes- As an alloy, brass is usually made from copper and zinc, but this can also be balanced with lead, aluminium or manganese for different properties. As a result, recycling your scrap brass can be much easier for the manufacturing process than mining and producing more new brass.
  • Protecting the environment- by simplifying the manufacturing process, there is less need for extensive drilling and mining, and this minimizes environmental destruction, and harmful pollutants causing climate change.
  • Good for the economy- in the UK, manufacturers are often working with 100% scrap brass, and so recycling your scrap brass can actually be part of a larger movement supporting the economy and developing new, important items, with a lower environmental, and economical cost.
  • Make money- opting to recycle your scrap brass, instead of throwing this away in landfill is a great option for your wallet. Here at X-Met Metals, we are leading brass buyers across the North West, and we offer competitive prices for any brass.

Choose X-Met Metals for scrap brass collection and recycling in Preston

Customer service is our top priority here at X-Met Metals, and that’s why ensure that:

  • Our collection service is always on time
  • We have three different payment methods so that you can choose the best option for you
  • We will help you grade and sort your scrap for the best possible prices
  • We pay the highest prices for scrap brass

So why not get in touch today?