Advantages of titanium recycling

Titanium is a metal with numerous advantageous qualities, including corrosion resistance and a high melting temperature. This means that as a finite natural resource, in high demand, recycling titanium can be very beneficial. But what is titanium used for, and can this be recycled effectively? And how can we help, here at X-Met Metals? Well, here at X-Met Metals, we are the North West’s leading scrap metal merchants. We travel across the North West, from Liverpool to Blackburn, including Ormskirk, St Helens and Skelmersdale, as well as further afield, to collect and pay for your scrap metal on site. And this is our guide to everything you should know about recycling titanium.

Different types of titanium

So first of all, what are the different types of titanium? Well, there are several, including:

  • Titanium as an alloy- titanium has man useful properties and as it is less dense than steel, it can be used effectively with other metals to create a range of alloys, including aluminum, molybdenum, and iron. This helps to create strong, durable but incredibly light weight metals perfect for the space and aircraft industries, as well as vehicles and bicycles.
  • Titanium as an oxide- In it’s oxide form, titanium can be used for a number of material, including paint, plastics, paper. This can be recycled through a number of methods, but is not routinely categorised as scrap metal, and is generally refined through alternative methods.
  • Titanium as a solid metal- titanium can also be used as a solid metal, without forming an alloy. When considering this type of titanium for scrap metal, there are two categories: solid scrap and titanium scraps/shavings.

What are the advantages of titanium recycling?

Recycling titanium can be very beneficial. The advantages include:

  • Making money from your scrap- here at X-Met Metals, we offer great prices for titanium solid scrap as well as shavings and cuts, and different titanium based alloys. But we don’t just pay you for your scrap, we can even come and collect it too. As each of our vans are fitted with industrial standard scales, we can arrive at your chosen location, at a date and time suitable for you. This means you can even avoid the fuel costs and time spent at our Skelmersdale scrapyard, if you can’t fit a visit into your schedule.
  • Helping the environment- as with recycling all metals, by reusing the scrap metal for other projects, the demand on the natural world, and out finite resources will be reduced. This means that high quality metals like titanium can be reused in multiple projects, without needing to mine for more. On top of this reduced use of natural resources, the actual processing and recycling of titanium, uses less energy than sourcing and producing components from raw materials! So you can even help cut down carbon emissions and pollution too.

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