Gearbox recycling Chorley

Here at X-Met Metals, we are the North West’s leading mobile scrap metal collectors. We provide a professional service which involves collecting your scrap metals and waste, including car parts, from wherever you are, at a time and location suitable for you. We cover the North West region, including Chorley, Frodsham, Manchester and Ormskirk. As a result, we have produced this guide to the benefits of recycling your old gearbox, here at X-Met.

Why recycle your gearbox?

The gearbox is one of the most frequently repaired and replaced part of some vehicles and vans, depending on the make and the model, and the amount of miles you cover. But these shouldn’t just be thrown in the skip or taken to landfill. Instead, you should consider recycling these, for a number of reasons:

  • These can be reused- whether the old gearboxes are refurbished and reused in someone else’s vehicle, or stripped by apprentices learning about vehicles, there are a number of different purposes that your old gearbox could serve. This can help other people and businesses in the area save money.
  • Recycling is better for the environment- gearboxes often contain oil which can leak into the environment when left outside or put into landfill. Recycling these responsibly, with a team like us here at X-Met can be a much better option.

Why choose X-Met Metals for gearbox recycling in Chorley and the North West?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose our team for your gearbox recycling. These include:

  • Great prices- whether its just the one gearbox or you are a broker with many, we can offer the best prices for your scrap. So you can get paid for your old gearbox, quickly and easily.
  • Hassle free process- recycling car parts like gearboxes with us here at X-Met Metals is a hassle free process. We will come to you, wherever you are and whenever you need us to collect your scrap metal. We even weigh them and pay for them on site too. We aim to make this process as easy as possible for you, so you can get on with your day without needing to travel and queue at a scrap yard.
  • Contracts with local businesses- if you run a garage or vehicle brokers, we are happy to work with you, long term or short term, to collect your old car parts, including gearboxes.

For more information get in touch with the North West’s leading scrap metal merchants, X-Met Metals, today!