Advantages of NiMH battery recycling in Skelmersdale

Getting rid of your old batteries can be a challenge. And this includes NiMH batteries, like those found on old electric vehicle models, and consumer electricals like children’s toys and flashlights. But choosing to recycle your batteries with us here at X-Met Metals can be a great option. But what are the advantages of NiMH battery recycling in Skelmersdale? Well, we collect a range of scrap metals, WEEE waste, and batteries from across the North West, including the Greater Manchester and Merseyside areas. From Oldham to Ormskirk, and Bury to Warrington, we are the expert team that you can count on for any scrap metal collection. As part of our high quality, professional service, we also collect and pay for NiMH batteries too, which sets us apart from the majority of other companies. And this is out guide to the benefits of recycling NiMH batteries.

What are the advantages of NiMH battery recycling?

Recycling your NiMH batteries can bring a number of advantages, including:

  • Making money- Unlike most other companies, we won’t charge you for the safe disposal of your NiMH batteries here at X-Met Metals. Instead, we will pay you for them! And you can be sure of securing the highest prices for your old batteries too.
  • Simple collection service- instead of taking your batteries to the tip, or driving to the nearest place that accepts NiMH batteries, why not just give us a call here at X-Met Metals? We will come to your, wherever you are across the North West, to collect your scrap metal. This includes all types of batteries, and NiMH batteries too. This can save you time and money. We will even pay you on the spot too using our industrial scales fitted inside each van.
  • Professional scrap yard- if you’re in Skelmersdale, recycling your NiMH batteries has never been easier. Not only can we collect your batteries from you, your home or your workplace, but you can also bring these into our high quality scrap yard too.
  • Protect the environment- the benefits of recycling your NiMH batteries aren’t just for you either! By choosing us here at X-Met Metals, you can be sure that your batteries are recycled safely and legally, helping to protect the environment. This is much more advantageous than dumping your batteries in the landfill.

So, if you have batteries that you are looking to cash in, why not get in touch today, with the team here at X-Met Metals. With our mobile collection service, we can come to you, wherever you are, and pay you for your batteries too.