Advantages of recycling zinc roofing sheets

zinc recycling

Zinc roofing sheets and cladding are a popular choice for a range of buildings and properties. These create a stunning standing seam finish, while offering full weather protection, with anti-corrosion. But what happens when these need replacing? Well, your old zinc roofing sheets should be recycled. Here at X-Met Metals, we are the North West’s leading mobile scrap metal collectors. We provide a professional service which involves collecting your scrap metals and waste, including zinc, from wherever you are, at a time and location suitable for you. We cover the North West region, including Chorley, Frodsham, Manchester and Ormskirk. And we will also pay you on the spot too! So, we have produced this guide to the advantages of recycling zinc roofing sheets.

Recycling zinc

Because zinc itself is often used to create something new, people often forget that it is a fully recyclable metal itself.  In fact, zinc can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of physical or chemical properties, so for any galvanization projects, recycled zinc is a great option. And this includes zinc that has already been used to galvanize steel. As when galvanized steel is recycled with other steel scrap in the steel production process; it volatilizes early in the process and can then be collected for reprocessing.

Currently, around 40% of the zinc in use has been recycled, and this number is growing year on year. Your zinc roofing sheets could be used for a whole range of different products. 

Advantages of recycling zinc roofing sheets

So, why should you choose to recycle your old zinc zinc roofing sheets? Well, recycling these can offer a range of benefits, including:

  • More economical- the recycling process for zinc is a lot less expensive and costly than mining for new zinc. So the more zinc that is recycled, the better for the economy.
  • Easy for you- here at X-Met Metals, we will weigh your zinc roofing sheets wherever you are, at any time, and pay you for it on the spot. This means recycling your old roofing sheets is probably easier than any other disposal option.
  • Zinc can be recycled infinitely- because zinc doesn’t lose any properties during the recycling process, it can be used infinitely for all sorts of different purposes.
  • Make money- disposing of your zinc wont help you make money, but recycling it will. This is because here at X-Met Metals, we will pay for your scrap, including scrap zinc. And money in your pocket has got to be better than spending money on transport and fuel.

For more information about our mobile scrap metal collection service, get in touch with the North West’s leading zinc buyers today, here at X-Met Metals.