Why should you recycle tin alloys?

tin babbit

Tin is one of the most common metals used in a range of alloys, for a range of purposes. Tin combines with copper to create bronze, and it is also used to plate steel cans and food containers, and for creating metal bearings and solder, among other popular uses. Recycling any tin alloy with us, here at X-Met Metals is a great idea. We are the North West’s leading scrap metal experts. In fact, we work across Bolton and Leigh, Manchester and St Helens, as well as further afield, to provide a professional mobile scrap metal collection service. So wherever you are, we can collect the scrap waste from you, saving you time and money. So, why should you recycle tin alloys?

What are tin alloys?

Tin is used extensively to create a range of alloy materials. This is because pure tin is a relatively weak metal. Tin is often alloyed with other metals to create bronzes, pewter and a range of metal materials such as bearing metals, lead-based solders, and bell metal. As a result, more of your scrap metal might be tin based, than you might have originally thought.

Grading tin scrap

So while tin is used to create alloys extensively, different types of alloy material will use a different percentage of tin. This leads to different grades of tin scrap, which include:

  • Block tin- this is no less than 98% tin and is free of solders
  • Pewter- this is no less than 84% tin and may include tableware and cast figurines
  • High tin babbit- the tin content of this should be no less than 78%
  • Sn/Sb solder- Sn/Sb solder scrap is typical common solder with 60% tin and 40% lead content
  • Lead free solder scrap – this is majority tin solder with small amounts of silver and copper.

Why should you recycle tin alloys?

So, why should you recycle tin alloys? Well, there are a number of benefits to recycling tin alloys, and these include:

  • No hassle- if you choose to recycle with us, here at X-Met Metals, we can collect your tin alloys from wherever you are, at a time and date suitable for you. This means that recycling is a quick, simple, and convenient method for getting rid of your scrap responsibly.
  • Get paid- Here at X-Met Metals, we will pay you for your tin alloys. Each of our vans are fitted with a industrial standard weighing scale, so that your scrap can be weighed, wherever you are. And we can then offer three different payment options, to pay you on the spot.
  • Conserve natural resources- tin is a rare metal and it’s not easy to find. By recycling more tin alloys, the demand for newly mined tin is reduced, helping to conserve natural resources. This is an important consideration for companies and businesses in the current climate, and it could even help with some positive PR.

For hassle free collection of scrap metal, and instant payment, get in touch with the team at X-Met Metals today.