Professional scrap lead collection in St Helens


Here at X-Met Metals, we are the leading scrap metal merchants in St Helens. From WEEE waste and batteries to scrap metals like lead and copper, we will collect your scrap from you, wherever you are in the North West region. And we offer great prices too. So if you have scrap lead, why should you consider our collection service? And what do you need to know about professional scrap lead collection in St Helens?

Do you have scrap lead lying around?

Lead is a valuable and important metal that is used to make a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial items. These include lead acid car batteries, lead solder, radiation protection and even household and industrial weights. As a result, it’s also fairly valuable. This is because the lead can be thoroughly recycled, while retaining it’s unique properties and high quality, to be reused without limits. In fact more lead is recycled annually, than the amount of new lead that is mined in the same year! So if you’ve got scrap lead, and any other type of scrap metal, you should consider making money, instead of tipping this at the local waste centre.

Professional scrap lead collection in St Helens

Here at X-Met Metals, we collect a wide range of scrap materials, including WEEE waste, old boilers, and scrap metals like lead and copper. And you can count on us to be professional. We will:

  • Collect your scrap from wherever you are- Whether you are in St Helens or further afield, we will make arrangements to collect your scrap from you, wherever you are. So we can meet you on site, at work, or at home, wherever is easiest for you.
  • Be punctual- we value the time of our customers, and customer satisfaction is important to us. In fact, our positive customer reviews are what set us apart from our competitors. As a result, we will always be on time to collect your scrap lead, whenever you need us.
  • Pay the best possible prices- we offer great prices for your scrap metals, especially your scrap lead. So you can sure of a good deal when you choose us. All of our vans are fitted with industrial scales so we can weigh and pay for your scrap materials on the spot.

Our scrap collection service can help you save time, and money on fuel too. But if you do want to bring your scrap to a scrapyard, why not visit us at our yard in St Helens?

For more information about recycling your lead, or to arrange a convenient collection at a time and place that suits you, get in touch with the professionals today, here at X-Met Metals.