We buy, collect and recycle old power cables and power cords

From laptops and desktops to camera cables, TV cords and all kinds of various chargers for ports that are no longer in use, we all have a collection of power cords hanging around at home. They cant be thrown in with household rubbish, so they ultimately end up living in a cupboard, draw or attic, where they are promptly forgotten about. But your old cables could be scrapped for cash, with us here at X-Met Metals. We are Blackburn‘s leading scrap metal merchants and we offer a high quality collection service for all your scrap metals, WEEE waste and old batteries across Blackburn. And this is our guide to the advantages of recycling your old electrical cables, leads and cords.

How to get rid of your old power cords

Getting rid of your old power cords and electrical leads is more straightforward than you might think. All you need to do is get in touch with us here at X-Met Metals. And wherever you are, across Blackburn, we will come to collect, including Darwen, Rishton, and Great Harwood and everywhere in between, We will arrange a time, date and location suitable for you, and we will weigh and pay for any scrap on the spot. Including old and faulty electrical cables.

If you’re in the Skelmersdale area, you can also head down to our new scrap yard, for excellent, fast customer service and great prices.

What are the advantages of scrapping your old power cords ?

Cables and wires count as WEEE waste, which is something that needs to be disposed of differently than other products. By scrapping your old cable, you can help do your bit for the environment. This is because your cables will likely be recycled, and used again in a different project, or for a different purpose. Power cables and electrical cables are made from a range of metals, including copper and aluminium, as well as some alloys, and they may be coated with tin, gold or silver. During the recycling process, around 99.5% of clean metal can be obtained. This means that this metal can be reused again, without needing to deplete anymore of the natural occurring but finite metals.

We buy, collect and recycle old power cables and power cords

Recycling your old cables with us here at X-Met, also means that you can trade your cables in for cash. We offer the most competitive prices for all WEEE waste, including electrical cables and power cords.

So why not cash in your old cables today? Get in touch with the team at X-Met Metals.