High speed tool steel recycling in St Helens

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Identifying the different types of steel, or any other scrap metal, that could be worthwhile recycling or scrapping, can be a challenge. But if any tool steel, like old drill bits or cutting tools, you can be sure that this is a type of scrap that is in high demand. Here at X-Met Metals, we collect scrap metal, including tool steel and high speed tool steel, from the Bolton area, as well as LeighManchester and St Helens, and the North West. Simply give us a call to arrange for collection, and we will be there on time, wherever and whenever you need us. So what do you need to know about high speed tool steel recycling in St Helens?

What is tool steel?

So, first of all what is tool steel? Well this is a specific type of steel that is used for a number of different types of tools and purposes, including:

  • cutting tools
  • dies
  • injection moulds
  • machine tools
  • hand tools

Tool steel is selected for these tools because it has a number of very useful properties, such as:

  • wear resistance
  • temperature resistance
  • tensile strength
  • and hot hardness

Many of these properties emerge because of specific heat treatment during the manufacturing process, which will differ by tool depending on the use and purpose.

So, what is high speed tool steel?

High speed tool steel is simply a type of high alloy tool steel that is used for cutting processes specifically, and is selected for this role over other types of tool steel. This type of steel brings a number of advantages, including:

  • High cutting speeds-the cutting time can be reduced by 3 or 4 times
  • Effective for grinding- essential for manufacturing tools
  • High application temperatures
  • High strength (high breaking strength)
  • Relatively low price

Choose us for High Speed Tool Steel recycling in St Helens

If you have tool steel, or high speed tool steel to recycle or scrap, you should get in touch with the team today, here at X-Met Metals. We can offer:

  • Hassle free collection service- simply give us a call to arrange a collection time and location, and we’ll be there. With our vans fitted with industrial scales, we can weigh and pay for your materials on the spot. So you don’t even need to travel to the scrapyard.
  • Great prices- we always offer great prices for any scrap metal, old combination boiler, or WEEE waste. In fact, we will even help to sort your metals into the right grades, so you get the most money for your scrap.

Why not get in touch today?