PC recycling in Blackburn

If you have an old or broken PC, or selection of PC’s from an old workplace, and you don’t know what do with them, get in touch with X-Met Metals today. We pay for any old PC, as well as a variety of other types of WEEE waste. But more than that, we will actually come to you to collect this, wherever you are. So wherever you are across Blackburn, including Darwen, Rishton, and Great Harwood, we can arrange to collect any WEEE waste on site, including old PC’s, cables, laptops and batteries. And this is our guide to help you know how to safely recycle your old device.

How can you get paid for your old PC?

To cash in on your old PC, you should get in touch with a professional scrap or recycling team, like us here at X-Met. We offer competitive prices for any and all old PC’s and laptops, as well as other types of WEEE waste, old combination boilers and scrap metal. And we can even collect this from you, and pay you on the spot too.

Is recycling your old PC safe?

One of the biggest barriers to participation in old PC recycling programs is the thought that your data could be harvested and sold. As Blackburn’s leading WEEE experts, we understand this concern. And there are some steps you should take to recycle your PC safely. These include:

  • Factory resetting your PC
  • Data shredding if necessary

Factory reset your old PC

If possible, before you hand your PC over to anyone, you should do a full factory reset. This should essentially reset your PC to its ‘factory settings’, leaving only the bare operating system and pre-installed programs on the device. This means any files and any programs you’ve added should be removed too.

Is data shredding necessary?

Data shredding is an additional precaution you can take, as when scrapped computers are recycled, components will be stripped for reuse, and these can still contain traces of personal data, even if you have factory reset the computer.

To make absolutely sure that your data is completely gone, you should consider using data-shredding software.

To recycle your PC quickly and easily, from the comfort of your own home, and get paid too, get in touch with X-Met Metals today.