Get paid at your door!

If you are a tradesman/woman or own a company and weigh in lots of metal regular this is the service for you. Due to the Cash ban back in 2012 the metal industry has been thinking of ways to keep you the customer happy, and ways to get you paid as. The industry has come up with the pre paid card method. A pre paid card works by us loading money onto a prepaid card, which is issued to you by us. Only we can load money onto your card, It can’t be used like a normal debit card. It can only be used at a chip and pin machine or at a cash machine and cannot be used to make any other form of payments (i.e online payments).

This means it is an effective form of payment and it is instant which means you can draw your money out straight away. Lots of other scrap yards up and down the UK are on this method now but we are one of the first companies in the UK to offer this service on the road. We can collect anywhere in the UK and create you an account and load money onto your card on the spot. We recently had a write up in Skip Hire Magazine about this.

All you need to bring along to set a account up is a recent utility bill and a driving license or passport. If you do not wish to set up a pre paid card, we can transfer the money to your personal bank account or write you a cheque.

We are always on the look out for new faster payment methods and we keep up to date on all the latest software and technology. This in return will improve our services even more for you the customer.