Aluminium collection and recycling St Helens

Here at X-Met Metals, we are the North West’s leading mobile scrap metal merchants. We come out to you, wherever you are, to weigh and pay for your scrap. From St Helens to Ellesmere Port, and Liverpool to Warrington, we offer a professional, great value mobile scrap metal service. And its not just metal we collect. We also pay competitive prices for WEEE waste, batteries and even combination boilers. In terms of metals, we offer great prices for copper, tungsten carbide, titanium and aluminium, as well as a wide range of other metals. But why should you think about recycling your aluminium? 

How important is recycling aluminium?

  1. Aluminium is popular- In just the UK alone, around 8 billion aluminium cans are sold every year! These are used for fizzy drinks and fruit juices, as well as food cupboard items. And all 8 billion of these items can easily be recycled, multiple times, which can prevent a whole lot of energy and natural resources from being wasted, mining the necessary materials to produce new ones.
  2. Aluminium is perfect for recycling- Aluminium can be recycled an infinite number of times. This makes it the perfect material choice for large industries and growing manufacturers, as well as those wishing to preserve the wider environment.
  3. Recycling aluminium is good for the environment- Recycling just one tonne of aluminium actually saves up to nine tonnes of CO2 emissions that would otherwise be released into the wider environment!
  4. Recycling aluminium conserves energy- The recycling process for aluminium takes only 5% of the energy that would be used creating new aluminium.
  5. Recycling aluminium conserves natural resources- By recycling more aluminium, we can avoid the need to mine new Bauxite ore which is necessary for the production of new aluminium.
  6. Recycling aluminium is a speedy process- The entire aluminium recycling process for a beverage can, from being recycled to being ready for re-sale in shops and supermarkets, takes just two months. 
  7. Recycling aluminium is effective- In a single year, each aluminium beverage can could theoretically be recycled seven or eight times, saving enough energy to manufacture 160 new aluminium cans.
  8. Aluminium has structural integrity- Aluminium offers an impressive structural integrity. This means that no matter how many times aluminium is recycled, it can perform just as flawlessly when used again and again, with no damage to the material quality.

Professional aluminium collection and recycling St Helens

Here at X-Met Metals, we are professional aluminum buyers. We can come and collect your scrap, including aluminium from wherever you are. So whether it’s a industrial site, or your own home, we are happy to arrive at a time that suits you, at a location that suits you too.

All of our vans are fitted with industrial electrical scales and these are perfect for weighing out any of your materials. We will help you sort these into grades, so you get the best value for money. And then we will pay you using one of three methods, whichever you prefer, including by cheque, BACS or a pre paid card.

For more information about aluminium recycling, get in touch with the team at X-Met Metals today.