Alloy wheel recycling in Preston

All kinds of items and parts from your car can be recycled effectively and efficiently, including car batteries, brake disks and the alloy wheels. So whether you’re replaced a part, or your vehicle has reached the end of this lifespan, you can recycle the spare parts. For End of Life Vehicles (ELV’s), this also means that you don’t have to scrap the whole car. Instead, you could recycle some of the important parts. And there are a number of benefits to doing this, especially where the alloy wheels are concerned. So why should you recycle the alloy wheels? And what are the benefits of this? Well, here at X-Met Metals, we are leading scrap metal experts, and we can collect a range of ferrous and non ferrous waste, as well as batteries, boilers and electronic waste, from across the North West, including Preston, Rochdale, Salford and Oldham. And this is our guide to everything you should know about alloy wheel recycling.

What are alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels are designed for high performance vehicles to improve wheel response and improve the handling when driving at higher speeds. The alloy used for alloy wheels is a combination of aluminium and magnesium which allows for the necessary strength, durability and low weight, while also being aesthetically pleasant too.

What are the benefits of alloy wheel recycling?

Recycling your alloy wheels once they have been replaced, or when your vehicle has reached the end of life, is a great option for car owners. There are a number of benefits to this, including:

  • Make money- alloy wheels are worth money to the right buyer, like us here at X-Met Metals. We will gladly pay for your old alloy wheels, and we’l even come and collect these from you, wherever you are, and pay on the spot. So instead of scrapping the whole vehicle, and missing out, you should definitely have the alloy wheels removed, and get some cash back.
  • High aluminium content- alloy wheels have a high aluminium content which comes from a raw mined ore called bauxite. The extraction process takes a lot of energy, using high temperatures and energy-consuming mining operations. In contrast, recycling takes just 5 percent of this energy, which is better for the environment. Aluminium can also be reused again and again, with no loss to the quality of the metal.
  • We can collect- choosing to recycle with us here at X-Met Metals is a great option as we can collect from you, wherever you are! We will weigh your scrap and pay you for it at a location and time suitable for you, so you don’t even need to get to a scrapyard. We aim to make things as hassle free as possible!

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