Benefits of recycling aluminium copper radiators

Here at X-Met Metals, we can collect a range of ferrous and non ferrous waste, as well as batteries, boilers and electronic waste, from across the North West, including Chorley, Rochdale, Salford and Oldham. Or you can opt to deliver your recyclables to our new scrap yard in Skelmersdale. This includes aluminium copper radiators.

What are the benefits of recycling aluminium copper radiators?

Alloy copper radiators are used for a number of purposes, and are found in a range of systems, including refrigeration units, air conditioning systems and vehicles. These use aluminium fins with a number of copper pipes running through. There are a number of advantages and benefits to recycling aluminium copper radiators. These include:

  • The aluminium and copper can be used again and again- instead of mining for more materials, the aluminium and copper content within aluminium copper radiators can simply be used again and again. In fact, both copper and aluminium can be recycled endlessly, without losing any of the important qualities that are necessary for many products, including radiators. As a result, if you are committed to “going green”, and protecting the environment, recycling your old aluminium copper radiator, rather than simply dumping this, is a great option for the planet.
  • Top prices- here at X-Met Metals, we have a great market for aluminium copper radiators, and a wide range of other scrap materials including ferrous and non ferrous metals, as well as batteries like UPS and lead acid batteries. As a result, we offer top prices for your scrap aluminium copper radiators. Clean aluminium copper radiators are those that are just made from copper and aluminium with no contaminants. Some radiators may be mixed with steel, or have steel ends. We take both options.
  • Hassle free collection– we provide a one of a kind collection service for your scrap metals and materials. We will travel to you, wherever you are across the North West to collect, weigh and pay for your scrap metal on the spot. Our vans are fitted with industrial scales, so we can come to you, and weigh out your scrap, whether you’re at home, on site, or at work. And we offer 3 different payment methods too.

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