Advantages of hiring a skip for ferrous metal and steel collection

Whether you regularly have a lot of metal waste, or only occasionally, hiring a skip can be a great idea. Here at X-Met Metals we offer skips for hire across the Lancashire region, for ferrous metals and steel. From Chorley and Preston, to Warrington and Blackburn, we can also collect these skips once full. With our high quality professional equipment, we can even weigh and pay you for the materials on the spot. But why should you choose our team, here at X-Met Metals?

What are the advantages of hiring a skip for ferrous metal and steel collection?

Number of advantages and benefits to hiring a skip to collect your ferrous metal scrap as well as your steel scrap. These advantages include:

  • Range of skip sizes available- from small 8 yard skips all the way up to large 40 yard skips, and roll on roll off skips, we can provide a range of different skip sizes to suit your requirements. So whether you just generate a small amount of metal waste, or a large amount on a regular basis, you can choose the perfect option for your company or business.
  • Safe storage- with many criminals and petty thieves looking to make money on scrap metal, usually gained by stealing it from other people, keeping your scrap metal waste safe is an important consideration. With a dedicated ferrous metal and steel skip you can safely sort and store your scrap metal so that no one else can steal this. 
  • Convenient storage- a dedicated ferrous metal and steel skip also means that you have convenient storage for any scrap metal you come across. All you need to do is add to the skip each time you find something new and relevant. This reduces the time you will need to spend sorting and grading your metals before collection, as these will already be sorted.
  • Hassle free collection- by hiring one of our metal skips you can be sure of a hassle free collection whenever you need it. We will arrive at a time chosen by you, and we can even pay for your scrap metal on the spot too. We aim to make your life easier, so that you can continue as normal with your day to day routine.

For professional skip hire and collection you can count on, get in touch with the team today here at X-Met Metals.