X-Met Metals Ltd can offer collections all over the northwest and further if required for your old Combination Boilers.

Most Plumbers and Heating companies who fit new ones for customers usually throw the old ones away or let somebody local remove them and get nothing back for them.

We can now offer £10 for any combi boiler as long as there has been no major parts removed from it and still complete.

After working with a lot of heating companies over the last few years in relation to this we have implemented procedures for them to follow which has resulted in a very good income for recycling boilers which has involved very little work and instead of throwing them away they are now recycling them and making a maximum healthy return.

Based on 500 boilers a year we would project an income of £5000 for using X-Met Metals Ltd. We can also buy or remove the steel such as radiators and copper pipe and any other metals, which is just extra onto your profits.

All this can be weighed and paid on site on our portable scales, which does not affect your productivity and time.

Also we sell a variety of second hand boiler parts for very competitive prices

We work along side lots of self employed plumbers and larger companies who have numerous employees, so if you think this service is of use to your self or company and would like a meeting don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.